Welcome to Suikerbossie bakery in Lagos, Portugal, where we bring the authentic flavors of South Africa to your taste buds. Our bakery is dedicated to providing you with a wide range of delectable South African gourmet treats, carefully crafted with love and passion.

At our bakery, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of treats that showcase the rich culinary heritage of South Africa. From traditional favorites to modern creations, our menu is a tantalizing journey through the vibrant flavors of the Rainbow Nation. Indulge in our freshly baked goods, made with high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes passed down through generations.

Whether you’re craving a warm and flaky Koeksister, a perfectly baked Milk Tart, or a hearty Bobotie, we have something to satisfy every palate.

Come and indulge in the flavors of South Africa, savoring every bite of our gourmet treats. We look forward to serving you and sharing the warmth and richness of our heritage with you.

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+351 910 791 666

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