Date fingers


Whether enjoyed as a tea-time delicacy or a sweet after-dinner treat, our South African Date Fingers will leave you craving for more. Each piece is a small slice of South African culinary heritage, offering a taste that is both familiar and unique. Treat yourself to the exquisite flavors of Suikerbossie Bakery’s South African Date Fingers and discover the delight of this classic South African dessert.

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Transport your taste buds to South Africa with Suikerbossie Bakery’s exquisite South African Date Fingers. This beloved traditional dessert captures the essence of South African flavors in a truly delightful way. Each bite is a symphony of sweet and buttery notes, perfectly balanced with the natural sweetness of dates.

Our Date Fingers are meticulously handcrafted using the finest ingredients and time-honored recipes. The buttery shortbread base provides a delicate and crumbly foundation, while the luscious date filling adds a rich and chewy texture. With a hint of warm spices, these treats offer a comforting and nostalgic experience.


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